Monthly Archive: January 2017

We need startups to build democracy tech

 It’s time to actually make the world a better place. Silicon Valley was birthed from an existential threat to the world. Nazi radar defense technology was decimating the Allied air forces. But American engineers heeded the call, and in a Harvard lab led by Stanford professor Frederick Terman, invented radar …

Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users

 Good enough and convenient. That’s proved a winning strategy for Instagram’s clone, according to a dozen analytics providers, social media celebrities, and talent managers who told TechCrunch they’ve seen a decline in Snapchat Stories usage since Instagram Stories launched on August 2nd. Read More Mobile – TechCrunch Source: Mobilecrunch

President Trump thinks an app with around 10K downloads will help prove millions voted illegally

 President Trump tweeted about a mobile app called VoteStand this morning, which led many people to ask, uh, what’s VoteStand? Apparently, the president believes the voter fraud app originally funded by conservative super PAC Winning Our Future, will help him prove his claims that 3 million people voted illegally in the November …