I was born on 1977 in Iran. After graduating from high school, I started to study in a bachelor of Computer Software Engineering. Then, I pursued my Master on MBA(Information Technology) from India.

My career started as an expert on computer and network security after finishing my Master degree. I started working as a security advisor to different companies in India between 2004 to 2010. Afterward, I was joined by Payamnoor University as a lecturer in 2010 up to the middle of 2011. Simultaneously, I have worked in different Computer Institutions in Tehran.

I started Ph.D. in Information Technology at the National University of Malaysia in 2012 and successfully completed in 2015. The Ph.D. thesis topic was “PERMISSION-BASED PRIVACY FRAMEWORK USING PSEUDO DATA TECHNIQUE AND CLOUD DECISION-MAKING SYSTEM IN ANDROID ENVIRONMENT” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zarina Shukur (Head of Cyber Security Unit of National University of Malaysia).

The research was financially supported through Faculty of Information Science and Technology, National University of Malaysia (Grant No: ERGS/1/2013/ICT04/UKM/01/1).
Up to December 2015, one patent registered and Innovation fund has been given to my innovative idea to bring them into commercialization stage.
I am working as an associate in National University of Malaysia and leading and executing projects in (NUMOSS Group and UKMTECH) under Faculty of Information Science & Technology and PIK from UKM in Malaysia.