How to know your Android mobile is in risk (4 Steps Job)?


1.Antivirus isn’t running
If you worried about privacy and concern more about security of your personal data, you have to install Android antivirus and anti-malware tools. Many options available, some free, or with a 30-day trial and you can use them immediately after install. (In my next post I will revile the list of good Antivirus for Android)
Incase if your antivirus software is disabled you have to think double because its a sign for loping to hacker process.

2.Application downloaded from 3rd party stores(Not google play)
You have to install Apps from the supported place like or and don’t install any Android app that arrives via email, no matter who it’s supposedly from. Also stick to procuring apps from official app stores whenever possible, given the amount of malware that’s present on third-party sites, especially in the form of apps that pretend to be free, cracked versions of paid apps.

3.Rapid battery life failure
Any poorly coded software which of course could include malware might lead to excessive battery drain.
Mostly malware or a buggy app that you’ve recently installed can bring you battery failure.

4.Odd charges on cellphone statements
Some of the malware is opportunistic, and the installer is basically a wrapper for free Angry Birds, via email. The installer has you submit to a EULA that says you will subscribe to an SMS subscription, then it installs the free version of Angry Birds that you can download for free and then you have to be ready to see odd changes in your phone statement. best way to stop it is to reset or flash your ROM in your phone(don’t forget to ask trusted professional to do that for you)