Let Google Organize Everything For You


Have you heard about Google Photos yet?
Google announced Google Photos last week, a new photo hosting service that combines everything great about Google Plus Photos with unlimited free storage for high quality photos and HD videos.
Google Photos is cool with different kind of things that makes you love it  .
1-You can easily Backup/Upload Photos and Videos from All Of Your Devices (For Free) with help of Google plus application.
To do so you can visit : https://goo.gl/vINyPg

2-The unlimited option is probably good for most of us who got tired of listening to DropBox alert that your box is need for upgrade.

3-Let Google do the organizing for YOU or if you can check and make it right by yourself.

4-I am Loving New Search Bar that can help you to search for anything in your photos (ex: person name, videos, places, and everything that you can do with search on Google)

5-You can Customize your Gallery (Day View, Comfortable View and Month View) that can be organize by pinch to zoom out or by choosing menu on top right corner of the display.

6- Last but not least is Sharing Your Photos with whom(with or without Google Photos application) you like by clicking the share button.
In conclusion I am loving it and hope all of you will feel the same.
Useful links:
Download for Android: https://goo.gl/CNJUYh
Download for iOS: https://goo.gl/wpOLrf
Download for Mac: https://goo.gl/kedQZV
Download other devices: https://goo.gl/r8glXD